Friday, October 30, 2009

Okland Halloween Party

Happy Halloween from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! Or should I say Clark and Kate? Today Okland had their annual Halloween party at the main office in downtown Salt Lake. Everyone that works in the office decorates their cubicle and the kids go around to each and 'trick or treat'. I must say I was quite impressed with the decorations and even the staff that dressed up! The kids had a great time, got way too much candy, and even got to have pizza for lunch with Daddy. (Ryan played hookie for an hour to come be with us!)
The caption for this picture is "I'm Peter Pan!"

Here's Kate and Clark outside the office with all the other kids and staff who dressed up.

Here's the whole group.

I'm thinkin we may not need to trick or treat tomorrow night! It's suppossed to be in the 40's tomorrow. We'll probably just do our close neighbors.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Kate and Clark haven't wanted to play in the backyard for about a month, but on the day it's only 35 degrees out and a windchill of 25 degrees; they want to go out. And why? SNOW! So I spend about 10 minutes getting gloves, boots, beanies and jackets on, just to have them play for about 3 minutes and come back in because they are cold!

This was Tuesday evening. We went to Walmart and got gloves and boots- so we had to try them out.
Walmart didn't have any boy boots or gloves, so Clark wore some of Kates mittens.
This was Wednesday, you can see the snow is starting to melt. Clark took my hair broom (I don't use it here) outside and was 'cleaning' the snow off the grass. He had a great time, he is a little worker bee.

Is this a blackmail picture or what? Clark wearing Kates furry pink snow boots working in the snow! I think it's time to find him some boots!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Snowing!

Believe it or not, we are having our first snow today! It's coming down pretty hard right now, and it's supposed to snow today and tomorrow. The high is 40 and the low tonight is 20! Here's some pictures I just took- but I'll make sure to take more as soon as it all stops.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Pictures

Today we went up to Provo Canyon to take family pictures. Ryan's cousin, Erin, was nice enough to take them for us. We went up a few weeks ago to find some spots to take pictures, but alot of the trees hadn't quite turned all the way, but the red ones looked awesome. When we got up there today, all the green had turned to yellow, but all the red had fallen off! I was kinda disappointed at first, but the longer we were there, the more fall/winter it really looked. We even had some cloud cover, now if we could just get all four of us smiling and looking at the camera at the same time......
I'm saving the best ones for our Christmas cards, but here's a sneak peak......

Birthday Continued

After a fun filled day at the farm and lunch at Costco, we took the kids to Chucky E Cheese for dinner and a little party. We only invited one family, but Kate and Clark had a great time with their friends Derek and Megan.
Ryan was a nice Dad and got each of the kids 20 tokens. They had a great time playing all the games and even managed to win over 200 tickets!

Clark attempting the basketball game!

Blowing out the candles.

Clark got this truck that has a trailer and quad from Derek.

Kate got this Barbie mermaid toy that goes in the bath from Megan.

When we got home we gave them baths and they got to wear their new pajamas from Nana and Paco.

Clarks are of course, Cars.

Since we got home so late last night, and traditionally we only open presents when Dad gets home from work, we waited until this morning to give them the rest of their presents. Clark got a nerf 'darn' gun from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.

He got this cool tool belt and a bunch of tools from Ryan and I.

Kate got this dress up fairy outift from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. She was a little confused as to whether or not she could wear it, because she's tinkerbell for Halloween and I won't let her wear that costume.
Kate also got a baby that came with a bed and backpack, but I didn't get a good pic of that!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate and Clark

I have so much blogging to catch up on- but I had to put something for Kate and Clark on their 3rd birthday. I can not believe it has been 3 years since they were born. It has been fast and slow at the same time.

We went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point today- as that's what they wanted to do, and I forgot my camera- so no pics. Tonight we are taking them to Chucky Cheeses and I will make sure to take pictures there- so be sure to check back for an update.

Happy Birthday Kate and Clark! I love you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jazz Game

Two weeks ago all the Okland employees that are on the City Creek job ( about 70) took Friday afternoon off for a golf tournament. Ryan doesn't golf, but got some great prizes for golfing so poorly! We got tickets to a pre-season Jazz game and some play golf clubs for the kids. So Thursday night we took our much needed night off and went to the game. We're not huge basketball fans, but a night without the kids made it a great night!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bandaids and Baseboards

I hate bandaids. At first they work great to get kids to stop crying when they get hurt, but then they want a bandaid for just about everything. I'm cheap and don't want to buy bandaids every week- so rarely do I give them to my kids. Well acouple days ago Kate was standing behind me and I didn't see her, and when I turned around I smacked her right in the nose. I decided that was worth a bandaid and gave her one. I went on doing what I was doing while she put it on herself, and this is what it looked like........

Yesterday Kate got in trouble for drawing with a crayon on the wall, so I made her scrub it off with a rag. Clark wanted in on the fun, so I gave him one too. When the wall was clean, they were having so much fun cleaning, they wanted something else to clean- so I told them to clean the baseboards! It didn't last long, but I think it's time we get out a little more...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mom of The Year

Yesterday I felt like Mom of the year- and why? Did I do something wonderful and exciting? Well, no - but for the first time, I let Kate and Clark use paints. You might think- that's not a big deal, but with twins you really hesitate to do anything messy- because it can go south really quick. We've had the paints for a while, but I haven't been brave enough to get them out and see what happened. I was pleasently surprised. They did really good. They just sat at the counter and painted. Clark was really into it and didn't even mix all the colors or make a big mess!
So next on the list- play dough. Maybe for their birthday.....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sleeping With The Window Open

It is offically FALL! The weather has been beautiful, 40's at night at low 60's during the day. We've had a few storms and there is even some snow on the mountains. The leaves are starting to turn and it's just a great time of year. Best of all is sleeping with the window open. You might think we're crazy sleeping with the window open when the temperature is fridgidly between 30 and 40- but it's great! We also have our fan going full blast. I love having it cold in our room and being all snuggly under the covers. I must admit there have been a few nights where I've woke up about 4am asking Ryan if we can close the window cuz I'm freezing. I've also had to get up a few times and put some extra clothes on- but it's worth it. The best part is that I sleep snuggled up right next to Ryan. He is my own personal space heater, and I take full advantage of it. He hates it, because it makes him hot, and the whole point of sleeping with it cold is to cool off!! (Ryan is the person who is in short sleeves when it's snowing, and insists that he's not cold) I need to add that we keep the heater on in the rest of the house so our kids don't freeze!
Another wonderful thing about fall is the PUMPKINS. I love pumpkins and here you can actually leave them on your porch and they don't rot because it's too hot, and you don't have teenagers busting them open in the night.
I hope to take some family pictures in the fall leaves for our Christmas card- I'm just so bummed that Tiffany isn't here- who will take them for us?!