Friday, July 18, 2008

My Little Fishes

This is what we've been doing all summer.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Where do I even start?! We went up to my parents cabin for the weekend and had a great time. 4 out of my 7 siblings were there- and that always makes for a good time. I really enjoy spending time with my family and being able to just hang out and talk and laugh with them. There is just something about being with your own family that brings you back to who you really are and the feeling of home. It's also fun to get to know my nieces and nephews who are turning into adults! (That makes you feel old) But I just loved sitting on the porch during the rain storm and listening to my Dad, my brother Rob and nephew Zack play guitars while we all sang along. The weather was beautiful and rained every afternoon and dropped the temperature down to about 60 degrees!

Kate and Clark had a great time playing with their cousins- especially Jacob, who is just a year older than them. The older girl cousins had fun playing with Kate and wanted her to tag along to whatever they were doing. But most of all they loved being with Nana and Paco. Clark just loves my dad and if he was around, Clark was his sidekick! Clark also got to sleep with my sister Heather and her husband the first night we were there- thanks Heather for helping me get two kids asleep by myself!

We also went up to Heber on Saturday for their annual fireworks show. It is AMAZING! For those of you who dont know about it- it's the best kept secret in Arizona. It' s a pretty small gathering- compared to anything in the valley- so you dont have to fight the crowds and traffic too much. It's held right at the high school, and the were setting the fireworks off about 500ft from where we sat! You have to lay down to see the fireworks- because they are right on top of you! My niece Nicki even got some ashes that fell at her feet!

So heres some pics!
Kate going for a ride on the tractor with Daddy
Clark found this empty cooler and climbed in with is blankey
Got to love Arizona sunsets!
Clark, Jacob and Kate at the fireworks show
What a cute boy!

Lake Trip

This post is a bit late- but I finally got some time to download my pictures and make a post! We went to Canyon Lake 2 weeks ago with some friends. We had a great time riding the jet- ski's and the kids had fun playing on the beach. Kate and Clark wanted to go in the water, but as soon as the waves rolled in- they didnt like it so much. Kate lost her footing and fell in a few times, but Clark never got in far enough! I think I was the only one who didnt wear 50SPF sunscreen, and the only one to come back without a sunburn! Thanks Airan and Kelly for inviting us!