Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Time And A Season

Yes, it is true- there is a time and a season for everything in life, and unfortunately for me, that means my days of swimming on Mesa Aquatics Masters are coming to a close. I have been swimming masters since we moved home from Utah, about a year and half ago and I absolutely love it. I swim 3 days a week, right smack in the middle of the day- so not only do I get a little bit of 'me time' but I get to work out and get a tan all at the same time. It has been increasing more difficult with the three kids to work it into our schedule and find babysitters. Both my mom and Ryan's mom have been watching them once a week, but to make it worth the monthly dues, I really need to go at least 3 days a week. So really, babysitting is the only issue. So I looked into going back to the gym, and for the same amount of money I pay to swim every month, I can get a gym membership with unlimited daycare. So it just makes more sense to go back to the gym.
I really liked working out at the gym when I went before, but I'm kinda nervous to go back. Swimming was not only a workout, but a time for me to socialize and have friends. I think I will miss that just as much as being in the water. So if you work out at Mountainside Fitness- let me know- I need a friend! I'm hoping that when Kate and Clark are in school full time, maybe I can go back to swimming.
Why is it so hard to close chapters of our lives and move on to new ones?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kate Lost a Tooth

 Last Saturday Kate lost her first tooth. The kids were eating their breakfast and I was washing bottles when I noticed Kate's teeth on the bottom looked a little off. There was a gap in her teeth where there shouldn't be. I looked in her mouth to see if she had cracked a tooth or something and then she skipped off to the bathroom to inspect for herself. Then she comes skipping back with her tooth in hand! First I cannot believe that she didn't cry, because she takes after her mother and is kinda a wuss. Second- what 4 year olds start loosing teeth? I thought that didn't happen till 6 or so. You can see from Clark's grumpy face in the background, he was pretty upset he didn't loose a tooth. We put the tooth under her pillow that night and the Tooth Fairy brought her one whole dollar!

Charly Goes Swimming

I bought her a swim suit at Target when she was first born,
but now it is way too small. Luckily her cousin Daphne had
one to spare- so now she has this one.

Swimming with Daddy. 

She is really starting to love the water. It took her a little while
to warm up to it, but she's getting the hang of it!

Happy 4th of July! We had a fun filled 4th of July weekend. We went up to the cabin on Friday night and Ryan worked on re-roofing the trailer all day Saturday. The kids had a great time playing with cousins and we even had a rainstorm while we were there. Because of the excessive heat, the town of Heber didn't do the fireworks show, which we were bummed about.
Monday the 4th our ward had a big pancake breakfast and 'raingutter regatta'. Basically it's like the pinewood derby with homemade sail boats. Ryan procrastinated making Kate and Clarks boats until Monday, so he drove down to the job site at 5 am to get some foam to make the boats. They were actually some of the best boats there!

Clarks boat (on the left) takes the lead!

Kate's boat is the winner!

Kate and Clarks boat raced. I can't remember which won. 

In the afternoon we went to Ryan's parent's house to go swimming and Ryan and I sneaked away and saw Transformers. That night we did fireworks with our neighbors across the street. God Bless America!

New Hair Do

When Charly turned 3 months old I started loosing my hair- BAD. It's still coming out in gobs. So when it came time to get my hair done, I needed to do something different. It was either chop it all off or cut bangs.  One night while watching the Bachelorette, I was looking at Ashley's bangs and decided I should give it a try. So after not having bangs since the 7th grade, my friend Jessica, who I went to beauty school with, did the honors. I am liking my new "do", especially the part about not blowdrying it and just curling it!

Father's Day

Here's Ryan's gifts and his Father's Day card. (Thank you Family Fun Magazine)

Heres the inside of the card

Traditional Haynes breakfast- blintzes. They are like crepes, but you put a cheese filling
in the middle and strawberries on top. 
Opening presents

New tie and 2 new hats

The hat was a big hit. Ryan is SUPER picky about hats.

And some new sandals. Believe it or not, Ryan had been wearing my black Reef
sandals. Yes my feet are big, but not that big, they were very small on him.

So although our Father's Day wasn't super extravagant, it is not a reflection on how
awesome a Daddy Ryan is.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and awesome Father
to our kids. Love you Rye!

"Look at Those Chubby Legs"

That's what I hear any time someone sees Charly. It doesn't bother me one bit. I love having a chubby baby, although I don't love having to buy her new clothes all the time. She is 4 months old wearing 9 month clothing. When Kate was wearing 9 month clothing she was army crawling everywhere and her clothes got destroyed, so the only hand-me-downs I have are a few dresses. When Charly went to her 4 month check up, Dr. Hayden asked me," Is she rolling over yet?" I said no, and he replied, "Well, she is kinda chubby!" It takes a lot of energy to roll over when you are only 4 months old and weigh 17lbs! I do love my little Charly and she loves her Daddy. Most nights if she gets fussy, Ryan can take her away from me and she calms right down. I tell him he should just take over during the day time too! She is a happy baby, loves Kate and Clark and is working on sleeping through the night. At 17 lbs,  it's not like she needs food in the middle of the night! So I started giving her water when she wakes up, and now she is going from 7-8pm till 5am without eating (she will still wake up, but I can get her right back to sleep). Here's some pics of our chunky baby- and if you want to squeeze her thighs, I'm gonna start charging money. I could make some serious cash. 

Monday, July 18, 2011


I just sat down to update the blog- I have at least 10 posts to catch up on- and what do you know, Charly is waking up from her nap. UGH. Story of my life. I guess the blog will have to wait. I promise to update soon.