Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Stuff, Good Work, Goodwill.

Since we got home I have been on a quest for summer clothes for my kids. Yes it is VERY warm here already. So I've been to the usual, Kohls, Target and Once Upon a Child to find clothes for my kids. I have to be thrifty buying for 2 kids at the same time- so I'm always looking for a good deal. Today my sister Nancy needed to go to Goodwill and had a coupon- so I decided to tag along. I found some cute stuff but best of all was the 2 swimsuits we found.

Kate and Clark had to put them on as soon as we got home. Clark was running around and flexing saying "Super Clark to the rescue!"
I also bought these watering cans at Big Lots yesterday and they had a great time watering all our plants and of course the back patio!
Not bad for $4 total!

Happy Valentines Day

I know this post is late, but I still haven't been able to get my rhythm since we moved home. However- I did unpack the last box today. It has been in the front room for 2 weeks now.
We had a good Valentines this year. I made sugar cookies Saturday and the kids decorated them and then made valentines for their grandparents.

They didn't do very well with the frosting- so I ended up doing the frosting and they just did the sprinkles.

Sunday morning I made Blintzes (a Haynes family tradition). Ryan ate them as he got ready to leave for meetings (he is ward clerk now). The kids and I enjoyed the rest after he left. We only went to the first hour of church because Kate and Clark had a cold last week.

In the afternoon we delivered cookies and valentines to my parents and then started on dinner. I made lasagna, rolls, fruit salad and pazooki's for dessert. (if you don't know what pazooki's are- it's a HUGE hot out of the oven, soft-baked chocolate chip cookie with ice-cream on top. Needless to say after all that food and goodies- my stomach was not happy with me!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Catch up: 1 of 3

Every Thursday in the month of February there is a free concert at the city of Mesa Arts Center in downtown Mesa. Yesterday was the first one, I took Kate and Clark and we met up with my parents, my sister Nancy and her son Jack, and my sis-in-law Tiffany and her son Nolan. The music was good, but I think it was more fun to see the kids dancing and playing around!
Paco, Kate, Nana and Jack

Here's Clark getting jiggy with it

Clark and his best buddy

Kate dancing with Paco
If you are interested in going, the concert is from 12:30pm to 1:30pm every Thursday through the end of the month. Next week is Dixieland and Big Band. Hope to see you there!

Catch up: 2 of 3

Since we've been home from Utah, we've had problems with Clark sneaking out of bed. Ryan forgot to take the doorbell off his door in Utah, so Clark has had no problems sneaking out without us knowing. It started with him getting up in the early morning about 4am- he'd try to crawl into bed with us. I'd get up and put him back in bed. One night after we had put them to bed, we were talking on the couch and he got out of his room and all the way down the hall before we noticed.
A few nights ago Ryan had to stay up late to do some work on his computer, so I just went to bed. I guess about 11:30pm Clark got out of his bed and this is as far as he got before he fell back asleep!

The door behind him is the door to his room, so he made it about 2 feet! Time to go back to Home Depot and get another doorbell!

Catch Up: 3 of 3

For Kate and Clark's first real Halloween I decided to dress them up as a BYU cheerleader and football player. I knew that Grandpa George was a big BYU fan, I just wasn't aware of how BIG of a fan he is. That night when I showed up with them dressed up I was deemed the favorite daughter in law. Since that time I have zealously tried to keep my status.

The last week we were in Utah I decided that I couldn't come home to Mesa without any BYU attire for the kids. I had to make sure I redeemed my status as favorite, since I lost alot of points for taking Grandpa's favorite toys to Utah. I went to Walgreens and found a plethera of BYU attire. Our first Sunday back we showed up for dinner in our BYU blue.
Kate and Clark with Grandpa George

OH YEAH. Look who has favorite status again!