Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Splash

I can't remember how long ago, Ryan and I started a 'star chart' with Kate and Clark as a way of tracking bad behavior and rewarding good behavior. They have a certain amount of stars, and they loose them for being mean, talking back, hitting ect., and they earn them back with either good behavior or extra chores. The incentive is that every Saturday they get to do something special with Ryan. Sometimes its big things like going to a movie, on a lunch date or a special event, or it can be small like just going to Sonic for an ice cream cone.
Yesterday, the 'special thing' was the Pumpkin Splash at Brimhall Pool, and because Ryan has been Mr. Mom for the last 2 weeks, I gave him a break and took the kids myself.
I need to take a minute and say something about how incredible Ryan has been since I had baby Jay. He has taken all three kids to Clarks soccer games for 3 Saturdays in a row, taken them all to church by himself and the first week I was home, he stayed home from work and did EVERYTHING. Laundry, dishes, chores, diapers, baths, made breakfast and lunch, took the kids to do fun things and took care of me on top of it all! This last week he had to go back to work and has still been a big help to me when he gets home, even after a 12 hour or more day. He really is amazing and I'm lucky to have him.

So here are some of the fun things the kids got to do at the pool yesterday: pick out a pumpkin out of the pool, play carnival games, decorate their pumpkin, get their face painted and best of all- swim in October!

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