Monday, October 29, 2012

Kate and Clark turn 6!

It hardly seems possible that it's been 6 years since Kate and Clark were born. I must admit I don't remember much from that day, or even the first 6 months of their lives. (it was all I could do to survive) But I am so grateful to be their Mom. They really are such sweet, loving kids, and I'm lucky to have them.
Ryan and I joke that kids are like pancakes, and you always burn the first one - or in our case, the first two! I'm glad they have each other to get through our "learning curve" of parenting. 
Clark is becoming quite the little helper to Ryan. He is always there to help Ryan with his Saturday projects- complete with lots of trips to Home Depot and of course Circle K to get sodas. He loves kindergarten and making new friends. He likes having a little brother and already loves to tease little sister Charly. He loves to play- especially with friends. It's all about having boys to play with.( He says he gets tired of playing with girls- aka- Kate) He got to play on a T-ball team this spring and is currently on a soccer team.

Kate is every definition of girl. Loves to wear makeup, paint her fingernails, wear skirts and just look cute. She is a big help to me, and plays very well with little sister Charly. She too loves kindergarten and her teacher Mrs. Miller. She even got a little teary eyed telling me that Mrs. Miller was going to be gone for two days and she was going to have a substitute. She is a peacemaker. She will always do what it takes to make everyone happy. She is in her 3rd year of dance and started tap this year too. 

We celebrated their birthday by letting them choose the restaurant for dinner- and they chose Olive Garden. They both love the little personal pizzas. We were so full after dinner, we didn't even stop for dessert! Grandma and Grandpa came over to give them presents and watch them open presents from Ryan and I. Kate got Squinkies (She's been begging for them for awhile) a bike and helmet, a new coloring book, new shoes and a crayon caddy I made for her. Clark got a spiderman helicopter, IronMan action figure, new bike and helmet, coloring book and crayon caddy. 
Since I just had a baby, we didn't throw them a birthday party, but celebrated their birthday with my family at my Mom's Halloween party last Saturday. 

We are lucky to have these two great kids in our family. They have brought much joy into our life over the last six years. It's fun to see them grow up, and see their little personalities come out.  I hope they don't grow up too fast and quit wanting us around. We love you Kate and Clark!

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