Sunday, September 11, 2011

Visitor's Center

At the beginning of the school year I started watching my 'sister's daughter Paige. Misty is my Navajo sister- she lived with my family while she was in high school and at the beginning of the summer their family moved to east Mesa. Paige comes to our house before and after school and is pretty much a part of the family now! Her older brother Brandon encouraged their family to go to church when they moved, and he started taking lessons from the Missionaries. Two weeks ago Brandon met the missionaries at the Visitor's Center to watch a video about Joseph Smith. I took Brandon and Paige down there where they met up with their mom. But of course our trip wasn't complete with the kids getting a picture in front of the Christus statue. Although I thought it was kinda silly at the time and I only had my phone to take the picture with- I love the picture now. Of all the times I've been to the visitors center- I have never taken a picture of the Christus. I'm glad we have one now.

Catching Up- Charly 6 Months

 This is my chubby baby! I am just loving this age that she is at right now. She is becoming a little bit more independent- but she is not moving yet! I love that she still stays relatively in the same place when I put her down. She is starting to rock on her hand and knees, but isn't crawling just yet. She is such a happy baby. The only time she fusses is when she is hungry or tired.
When we went to Dr. Hayden for her 6 month check up, he walked in and said, "Well it doesn't look like we have failure to thrive here." HA! She now weighs 20lbs and is in the 97th percentile for weight and 90th for height. Although it looks like she eats everything- she is quite picky about what she eats. She loves carbs- breads, crackers ect- and is very picky about fruits and veggies. She is just totally different from Kate and Clark.  They would eat just about everything and I went through baby food like water. I made baby food for Charly and she won't touch it. She wants what we are eating and won't eat pureed food. Figures. It is a good thing she is so dang cute. She loves to play with her Daddy and he loves to make her laugh and squeal.

Catching Up- Cabin Trip

I know I have about a million posts about going to the cabin- but we just love it up there. This time we took  our friends, the Neely's. It was a beautiful weekend out of the heat. It rained Saturday afternoon and I don't think the temperature got above 75 the whole time. Another bonus was that the kids just played ALL day together!
Clark, Wrigley and Kate

Feeding the fish worms with bare hands

Even the Dad's had to get into the action of feeding the fish worms.

Everyone loves the swing!

Catching Up- Car Accident

On Sunday August 14th while I was driving home from work, one of our neighbors ran into my Tahoe on his motorcycle. As I was driving down our street I saw him getting on his motorcycle, then as I was starting to turn into our driveway I heard this awful sound of metal crunching. I don't really remember feeling him hit the tahoe- but it was more the sound that scared me than anything. I stopped the car, got out, and saw him get up and walk out into the street. He was not wearing a helmet and hit his head on the Tahoe. He seemed to be ok, but had a huge bump on his head. After we exchanged all the info, he went to Urgent Care and was sent to the hospital to spend the night. Luckily- he was ok and was released the next day. I felt really bad for him. He hit me and he was the one who got hurt. The only "good" thing that came from it was that I got to drive a brand new 2011 Tahoe for 2 weeks while we got ours fixed. 
This is where he ran into the Tahoe

It's hard to see the dent up on the side- but that is where his head hit the Tahoe.

When we first got this Tahoe, I thought,"This is nice, but I still like my
Tahoe better." Well let's just say after driving it for 2 weeks I did not want to give
it back. My most favorite parts- 1) Remote start. It is awesome. Being able to
start the car when you are walking in the parking lot and have it cooling down
before you even get it in is divine. 2) Bose speakers. For those of you who know my love for
dance music will understand my love for a nice stereo system in a car. 3) It was a very smooth ride.
Now that I'm back in our tahoe- I realize how smooth the new one is.
Too bad it is going to be many years before I get to drive a new car again!

Catching Up- Kate and Clark's First Day of Preschool

Kate and Clark started preschool with Ms. Arlene on August 11th. Not only do they absolutely love going to preschool, but I love Ms. Arlene and her curriculum. Everything she teaches is religious based and she takes her lessons from the Bible and Book of Mormon. There are so many things I could say about what she teaches- but I will just say she is AWESOME! And I will admit that I am loving my break 3 days a week. :)

Catching Up- Charly 5 Months

Since so much time has passed since Charly was 5 months- I'm just gonna post the picture and her stats. She weighed 17lbs and was 24 inches long.