Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a..........

I really had no expectations as to what this baby was going to be- so yes, I'm happy it is a girl. After the appointment I went to my sisters to pick up the kids and when I told them, Kate was thrilled and Clark was pretty upset. When I loaded them in the car, he kept making "humph" sounds. I asked him what was wrong he said, "Mom, I don't want a baby sister, I want a brother. I don't like sisters, I only like brothers."
I kinda felt bad for him, and had to explain that we don't get to choose what kind of baby we get. This morning he seems to have accepted it- eventhough it's not what he wanted!
I'm starting to feel excited for this baby. I don't know if it's because it's not the first, so it's not all new and exciting this time around, but I haven't really been 'into' this pregnancy. The last time I was reading books and magazines and trying to learn all I could about being pregnant and having a baby. This time I feel like 'whatever'. Plus it's still so far away- alot is going to happen between now and March. I also think I have so much going on in life right now, I don't have the mental capacity to think about or start preparing for this baby.
Anyways- its starting to sound like I'm complaining about being pregnant- I'm not, I am really excited to have another baby in our home. I guess I'm comparing this one to the last one, and they are totally different. At least this time, all things will be pink!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Childrens Museum of Phoenix

My sister Nancy organized a little play group to go and do fun things around the valley every third Thursday of the month. Today was our first play date, and we went to the Childrens Museum of Phoenix. It was actually really cool. I think what was really fun for me, is now Kate and Clark are the age where they can do everything. Most of the stuff was created around imaginative play, like a grocery store and a restuarant ect, and they just played! It seems like last summer when we did a bunch of stuff, it was fun, but alot of it was me trying to explain to them what to do and what all the toys were for. This time they figured it all out on their own and had a blast. (That, and I just got to sit back and watch!)
The museum has 3 floors with all kinds of things to do. A big jungle gym, a craft room where you can paint a play castle, a room to make your own fort, a grocery store, a restarant, a play house and lots of other cool stuff. Here's some pics of Kate and Clark doing their thing.

At this station they had bikes you could ride through a tunnel and then through a play car wash.

Here they had a dune buggy and dirt bike to play on, complete with gas pump and pinewood derby style car races.

Kate eating an ice cream cone from the play icecream shop.

Here's the restaurant with ovens, stoves, pots and pans, plates, cups, bowls and even a brick fire oven to bake pizza. Clark really loved the restaurant.

Here's the grocery store where you check out all your food.

Here's all the kids; Jack, Kate, Clark and Nolan.
If you want to join us on our next play date- let me know! The more the merrier!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Yes, it is true - I am pregnant with number 3. Yes, just one baby this time! Here's all the answers to the questions everyone asks: I am 14 weeks, and my due date is March 4th. I waited to tell everyone because I wanted to hear from the Dr that there really is a baby in there and that he/she is healthy. Also the pregnancy seems to go alot faster if you wait longer to tell people (at least I'm hoping!) We have been trying since we got home from Utah in February, but it didn't happen until June. I have been feeling ok, definitely better than with the twins. When I was pregnant with them I threw up everyday and was sick pretty much the whole pregnancy. This time I really only get sick at night and I haven't thrown up once. Although the sickness is starting to lessen the farther along I get.
Yes, I am starting to show. I kept it in for about 12 weeks, but now I don't even try. The great thing is that I just wear basketball shorts and t-shirts everyday. So no dressing up this time around.
I think that's about it. We go back the end of this month to find out the sex of the baby, and yes we are going to find out. I can't handle the suspense. Kate and Clark don't really get it yet, they know there is a baby in my tummy, but that's about it. My sister Bridgett is due next week, and I'm hoping that they'll understand a little bit when they see her baby.
Ryan and I are really excited for this ONE. I think we'll be able to enjoy it more this time around, and we've already done two at a time, so this will be a piece of cake!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I recently had to switch up my swimming schedule, and instead of swimming 3 times a week in the morning, I now swim 3 times a week from noon to 1pm. Because of the change I've had solicit more babysitters for Kate and Clark. One day my Mom watches, one day Ryan's Mom and then one day my sister-in-law Tiffany. Since my brother Rob and wife Tiffany live with my parents right now, Kate and Clark get to play with their cousins at Nanas at least 2 days a week. So what do they do while I swim?........

Thanks Tiffany for the awesome pictures!