Monday, September 22, 2008

Cabin Trip

We were supposed to go up to the cabin for Ryan's birthday way back in August, but we could never quite get all our ducks in a row to get up there. So we finally got up there last weekend. We drove up Thursday night and didn't come home until Sunday night. It makes such a difference when you have a few days to spend up there, instead of packing the whole house for overnight.
The kids had fun feeding the fish, watching the horses and playing on the tractor. They got lots of attention from "Bigee and Bob" (Bridgett and Rob) and their surrogate parents, Ellen and Josh. Friday afternoon we got hit by a big rain storm. The rain cooled it down to between 55 and 60 degrees, and it actually stayed cool for the rest of the day. It was nice change from our never-ending heat.
Friday Ryan worked all day fixing the bathtub fixtures in one of the bathrooms. It was quite the project- but we are all glad it's finally done. Thanks Honey!

Ryan and Josh spent most of Sunday playing Halo while Ellen and I jammed out to Guitar Hero. Believe it or not, we are rock stars, and our band, "The Brownies" beat the game. On easy. (Ellen did most of it)
Ellen was even nice enough to take some family pictures for us, and I'm excited to see how they turned out. Ryan wasn't especially happy that I decided to take pictures (as he HATES taking pictures) so we'll see if his smug grin is worthy of a Christmas card.
Kate playing with her 'purse'
Clark's first Oreo
Clark with his favorite pal, Josh
Kate with surrogate Mom, Ellen

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Garden

When I was growing up, my parents always had a garden and I, along with my brothers and sisters, were always volunteered to help take care of it. I remember having my Mom wake me up early on Saturday morning to go weed the garden and hating it! I just hated working in the garden. It wasn't until I went on my mission that I realized the value of a garden. I remember the first time I had to buy lettuce and thinking- shoot- I could get this for free at home!!! I learned alot about gardening on my mission, as everyone in Idaho has a garden, and some people make their living off the land. So since I've been married I've wanted to have a garden, and it wasn't until we moved into this house that I was able to do it.
Last winter is when I officially started gardening. I have to say- without my Dad, it would've never happened. My Dad is an amazing gardener and has an amazing garden. He has it down to an art-and can grow just about anything (that will grow in Arizona) and even has stuff coming up on it's own. So I was asking my Dad for tips on how to get started, and one Saturday (my Mom was out of town and I think he was bored) he called and asked if I wanted help getting my garden started. I excitedly agreed, and he brought over his rowdo-tiller and all the tools and even some seeds. Well I was busy doing something with the kids when he got there - and by the time I got outside to help, he had already used the rowdo-tiller, made rows and was planting the seeds! All I had to do was water and weed for the next few months, and ended up with a garden full of lettuce, broccoli and spinach.
So this spring I was on my own. I started my summer garden late, one because I procrastinated and two, my Dad's rowdo-tiller was broken. So I planted anyways the end of May- and am now enjoying my harvest!
I planted tomatoes, watermelon, squash, pumpkin, corn and cucumber. My tomatoes and corn didn't do very well this year- but the watermelon and cucumber have taken over! The squash and pumpkin have grown alot and have huge vines, but I haven't got much fruit off of them.

I have to say that I love to garden now. I enjoy going out and picking the weeds and just spending the time outside. It is the most rewarding feeling to pick and eat food from your own garden. And it really isn't that difficult. I spent the most time planting, and now just have to water everyday. I can't really pick weeds in my summer garden because the vines and plants cover the entire garden!
So I am taking this moment to share my success! If you want some cucumbers- I'd be happy to give you some!

This is in July- the squash are against the wall and the watermelon are the small plants on the bottom.
Corn in July
Tomatoes in the corner and cucumber on the ground

This was a few weeks ago- you cant even see the ground!
Heres one of the watermelons- we have about 12 more growing!
Here's the harvest! Cucumbers, butternut squash and watermelon

Monday, September 8, 2008

So this is the third time I have tried doing this post and if it doesn't work this time- I Quit! You may have noticed that its been a while since I have posted something on my blog, and I have triedm but after 2 failed attempts I just couldn't get myself to sit down and do it . And the longer you wait the easier it is to just avoid it all together. So I'm hoping this post will get me back in gear to post more regularly. Since it has been so long- this is going to be all my posts rolled into one.

So here it goes.


Kate has developed quite the shoe feddish. She loves to put her own shoes on and does a dang good job of it too. She usually gets the shoes on the right feet too! Her latest is to come into my room, go in the closet and pick a pair of shoes for her and I. She doesn't like it very much if I don't wear the shoes she picked out. Clark also likes shoes, but only his Dad's. He loves to 'help' Ryan put on his shoes or wear them himself. He also just recently figured out how to put on his own shoes. However- he does NOT like to wear shoes at church. So sometimes we make it in the building, or maybe 10 minutes of Sacrament meeting before they come off. And he usually ditches the socks during nursery.

First Invitation To a Birthday Party
My friend Deanna has a little girl Madison who is just 2 months older than Kate and Clark, and since they are play date buddies, we got invited to Madision's 2nd Birthday Party. Kate was not very happy the day before when we picked out Madision's present and she wasn't able to keep it. But they did very well at the party, only we spent most of the time in the kitchen eating the snacks!

Kate giving Madison a hug

Kate opening Madision's presents

Clark enjoying someone else's toys

Clark and Paco
Clark just loves my Dad. A few weeks ago my Mom and Dad came over to get their hair done. They came over right after I had put the kids down for their nap, but I think Clark heard my Dad's voice and did not fall asleep. So after I cut my Dad's hair and started working on my Mom, Paco (my dad) got Clark out of his bed to play. Well they eventually ended up outside in the backyard. And if any of you know my Dad, he can't sit still for more than 3 minutes, so he started picking weeds. So my Mom and I went outside to check things out and this is what we found....

Wait... That's Kate!
The other day after dinner, I was doing the dishes and Ryan was playing with the kids. After a few minutes, Ryan said "Look Mommy", so I turned a looked, and saw what I thought was Clark walking towards me. Then I took a harder look and realized it was Kate in Clarks clothes!! Poor girl- she has no hair, so in boys clothes- she could pass as a little boy! It was just cute!