Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Week

I know it's a little passed Halloween, but life has been jam-packed, and I haven't even had 10 minutes to myself all week, let alone time to sit and blog. So after canning almost 100 jars of applesauce and apple pie filling, taking 2yr pictures for the kids, Play along Pals, Clark falling out of the shopping cart in the Bashas parking lot, coloring my moms hair, jury duty and last but not least helping Ryan install a new water heater; I am FINALLY able to sit down for a few minutes!
The week of Halloween was quite eventful for the kids, they got to dress up 3 times, and I must say, were the cutest twins around. Monday night my mom had her annual 'Haynes Halloween Party'. Since this was the first time getting them all dressed, putting the makeup on was quite the task. Once we got to Nanas, they were a little shy with so many people there. But they played the games, swung at the pinata and had nothing but candy for dinner. They even got another birthday cake!
Eating Birthday cake
Swinging at the pinata

Kate and Clark love their Paco
The next dress up day was Wednesday for our ward "Trunk or Treat". Poor kids, we didn't even let them trick or treat. We figured they didn't need the candy, as we wouldn't have let them eat it anyways, and Ryan and I would end up eating it all and we don't need it! They were a little worried about going to church and seeing everyone dressed up, but once they figured out they didnt have to be quiet and could run around, they liked it alot.

Thursday was our last dress up day. Kate and Clarks friend Annie invited them to a carnival at her house. They both had a great time, once they figured out that when they played the games they got candy. Clark made best friends with Annie's grandpa. It was like Clark found the only male in the place and instantly made friends with him. It was cute.

From Annies carnival, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for carving pumpkins. Kate and Clark liked this the best because they got to be in nothing but a diaper and make a mess! So that's our Halloween!
Helping clean out the 'yuckies'

Kate and Clark love their 'Papa'